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Certified or Sworn Translations and Interpreting Services

First of all, I would like to explain the difference between a translator and an interpreter.

The difference between these two professions is that a translator provides written translations and an interpreter translates orally from one language into another.

A ‘Sworn Translator’ (‘traducteur assermenté’) or ‘Sworn Interpreter’ (‘interprète assermenté’) must have taken an oath before the President of the Court of Appeal (‘Cour d’appel’) of the judicial district in which they have their place of residence.

In France, only a traducteur assermenté is able to provide a certified written translation of a document.

Similarly only an interprète assermenté can translate verbally in an official capacity, such as at the gendarmerie or before the courts.

I am officially registered as both a court translator and interpreter, having taken my oath before the President of the Court of Appeal (‘Cour d’appel’) in Caen for both professions.

Being female, I am therefore referred to in French as a ‘traductrice assermentée’ and an ‘interprète assermentée’.

A certified (or sworn) translation is an officially recognised and legally binding translation of an original document. This translation will be stamped and signed by the traducteur/traductrice assermenté(e), certifying that it is the legal equivalent of the source text.
A certified translation may be required by certain organisations, for example the French or British authorities, your mairie or a court in France or abroad.
Birth, marriage or death certificate
Driving licence
Adoption document
Statement for probate
Decree Absolut
Divorce consent order
School/university report
Exam certificate
Employment contract
Certificate of employment
Sworn statement
Company statutes
Criminal record

This is not an exhaustive list - please check with the organisation asking for the translation whether this must be certified ("une traduction assermentée") or not.
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    Hilary Decaumont
    Certified Translator and Interpreter

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